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A Modern Classic

 "It was hard not to notice Karlee...  she was enchanting. She has talent and drive which is an outstanding combination; one which was very evident to all of us in Sugar." 


- Lorraine Wilder, 

Tinsel Town News 

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"Her abilities when it comes to acting, singing, and dance are extraordinary... She has managed to simultaneously excel at all three." 

- Kelly James, 

 Frontline Views 

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The Joy of Diverse Roles

"Her abilities, her commitment, and her positivity spread throughout our cast with benevolent repercussions. When you see her perform, you can understand that this is someone who takes great care to actualize and manifest her character."

-  Entertainment LA  

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Press Articles

Remembers Her Roots

 "This triple threat knows where she has been and where she is going, and is quick to share the journey with those who join her." 


-  Emma Woolfrey, 


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A Modern Day Classic in - "The Music Man"

" Karlee Squires is a time traveler... Squires has much more in common with the Hollywood stars of the early last century and those of modern Broadway than any genre specific individual you might be more familiar with."

-  The Crazy Mind 

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Heathers - The Musical at YA4Ever

What's Your Damage?

 "Squires was spectacular as Heather Chandler. Strong singing, strong characterization, and fun to watch." 


- Daniel P. Faigin (cahwyguy), Observations Along the Road  

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WOW! StageScene LA

Blonde bombshells, Karlee Squires and her co-star Heathers, "Ace their mean girl roles to do Regina George and her entourage proud." 

- Steven Stanley, 

StageScene LA 

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Nominated for Scenie Award - Oustanding Lead Ensemble in a Musical

'Stellar Production' Media Geeks

"Queen Bee Chandler (Karlee Squires) brought sassy menace to the rousing "Candy Store, " threats of humilation, and classic one-liners... and dominated during her time on stage".

- Lacey Rae, 

Media Geeks

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